Remove header image on blog

I want to get rid of the default Perth Pro header image on the Blog page, but i cant find a way to do that because my my blog item on the menu is set up as a post category so I can’t change the template options like the other pages.

I can only alter the Blog options from the Customize options, I’ve set it to Classic because I don’t want to lose the sidebar option.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can remove the default header image from the Blog?


You want to remove it just for your blog page or for all pages except the front page?

Hi Vlad,
You can view the site here
Just want the image from the header of the blog removed, no other header images. front page and others are set to show header image.

All other menu items are set up as pages so I can easily change the template, however the Blog on the menu is a category so there is no option to change the template to ‘no header image’



You’ll need to add this to your child theme:

.category-blog .header-image {
    display: none;

Even if you had a blog page (which you should) rather than having a category, WP would ignore page templates for it anyway.

Cheers Vlad,

You know I thought i set up a blog page, but now reworking I thought I didn’t have that option. I will change it.

I will also get on that CSS course soon (my codes were close, I just didn’t add .category-blog.

thanks again :slight_smile:

Is “header image yes” or “no, menu only” adjustable for individual pages?

…if yes, through an clickable option in the page settings or through custom css which refers to classes of a page template/child theme?

…and if it’s “menu only” is the menu fixed? (I believe in the demo it’s fixed only if a header image is there)