Remove Featured Image Review Post


Is there a way to remove the featured image from the top of only my review posts?

I’d like to have my review graphic before the content and I use my featured image as the product image in the review graphic. So I don’t need the featured image to show up top.

I’d still like to keep the featured image at the top of the post on non-review posts.

Website is


Hello Tyler,

This task involves quite bit of coding and goes beyond our support policy as it is considered advanced customization. But I will show you the way.

I suggest you to create more specific PHP template and add it to your child theme (as I can see you have already created child theme).

After that you have to make sure that it looks nice on different resolutions and, if not, make some CSS changes.

You can read about WordPress PHP templates hierarchy here.

Best Regards, Roman.


Thanks for the thoughtful and timely response!

Other theme forums are not always this helpful.


You are welcome Tyler!

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have in future.

Sincerely, Roman.