Remove/defer bootstrap.min.css for rendering

I am trying to remove or defer JavaScript and CSS that interferes with loading above-the-fold content in order to optimize my website. Google’s PageSpeed Tools identified 1 blocking CSS resource on my site causing a delay in rendering. This is the resource:

I have no clue where to find this resource or how to relocate it if at all possible in order to improve rendering of my site. Any suggestions?

Hello there,

This file is an important file which builds the grid layout of the theme. Removing this will break your site layout. However I’d recommend you take another alternative such as using a plugin like this one.


Unfortunately, after tinkering with the critical CSS and other things within that plug-in it changed the look of my site and didn’t improve my 0/100 score for desktop and mobile on Google’s PageSpeed Tools. I guess I should give up and have a site that’s slow and renders poorly? I am a bit confused as to why it tests to horribly when it appears fine to users. I was thinking maybe the Page Builder plugin had something to do with it but other sites I’ve made using that plugin have scores of 70 or so.

I’m just concerned that I’m at 0/100 and the things I’m trying to do to improve it aren’t working, so I figured since that resource would give me the biggest boost to optimize, I would tackle that. I don’t have my site installed on my computer, I used WordPress to set everything up through my host, so I don’t know how I’d actually move that file (or find it) as Google’s recommendations suggest.