Remove date and author in post Alizee theme



I´m trying to remove the Date and Author in post. I´ve been searching but can not find anything that works for the Alizee theme. The website i´m working on is

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I see that you sort of removed the date.
Use this code in a CSS plugin:

.single .entry-meta {
   display: none;


Yeah! Thanks a ton :slight_smile: I just removed the dated and author link from alizee in my movies app blog, showboxa & Goodervideo.

I don’t need to update my Movies app blogs frequently. So, I should remove the date in order to make my users feel it fresh & updated. I just add recently released movies to the Showbox app and nothing need to be done.



Hello, thanks we just removed date and author in post from our alizee theme on our Cartoon HD and other sites too.



Great! If you need help with anything else, please, feel free to open a new topic.

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Using this trick i have removed date and author in post from our alizee theme. Now look great on my Showbox for iphone site. Thanks again