Remove carousel in Team/Employees widget


I’m currently building my website using the Sydney theme, I’d like to use the Team/ Employees widget on the front page to display products instead.

But showing 3 at a time is not suitable. Is there a way of removing the carousel and display all the “employees” on the same page (keeping the styling: rollover, name, social icons…)?
I mean, keeping 3 width is fine, but I’d like to have multiple rows instead of a slider.

Not sure if I’m clear!

Otherwise would it be easier for me to add a Layout Builder containing SiteOrigin Image widgets and style those using CSS?

Thank you!

I’m also trying to figure out how to remove the carousel, like the “employees” page in the demo.

Hello all,

Sorry for the delays…
You can change the display number of employees from: edit page > edit widgets > then change the value of this field “Number of employees to show (-1 shows all of them)”

And about to remove the carousel, It’ll need advance customization of the theme, you can ask to codeable to make it possible