Remove button in Sydney FP Call to action widget


Is there a possibility to remove the button in a Sydney FP call to action widget?
When i leave the link and button text fields blank, it still dislays an empty button.

Maybe some custom CSS to remove the button entirely in a particular widget?

Unfortunately I don’t have the CSS skills to perform this succesfully :slight_smile:

Any help would be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance!


"When i leave the link and button text fields blank"
So, why did you use the FP call to action widget then?
You can just remove it from your page :slight_smile:


Can you tell me, what is the purpose you are using those widget but dont want to use the button?


Sorry, I didn’t know I had to explain why I wanted to do this :slight_smile:

What i wanted to have in this field was inline: text, button 1, button 2

The goal is to use the widget with two buttons instead of one, but there is only option for one button. So I thought to use a row with 3 columns:

column one: call to action widget with no button, only text
columns two and three: call to action widget with only buttons, no text

to achieve this effect. However this failed because in the first column en empty button appeared.

Before, I also tried a two-column version with:

column one: widget with text and button
coumn two; widget with button

But this messed with the alingment when resizing for smaller screens: one button would be inline and the other would mive below the text by it self.

So, i wonder if there is a way to use the widget without the ‘emply’ button so i can use this solution.


Ah I see… so you want to have something likes in the demo page? (“Do you want to” section)

Firstly, you can add a “Layout Builder” widget to the row
Then Edit the widget and add 2 rows (set the 2nd row to have two columns)
Add text widget to the first row
Add CTA widget to both columns on the 2nd rows

Hope it helps


Well actually i was hoping to get the text and the two buttons inline (all on one horizontal line next to each other).

Also, I was hoping to keep the font formatting for the text like in the widget where in the demo it says “


Okay, so you want something like this ?
Here is the steps:

  1. divide the row to three columns : 60% - 20% - 20%
  2. For the first col, use SiteOrigin Editor widget then on Attribute > CSS styles, add this code:
    font-size: 18px;margin-top:65px;
  3. Then add CTA button widget to the rest col.

That’s it.