Remove borders on sttaic page body text

Is it possible to remove the surrounding borders on body text?
If so, how?

Hi, can you explain it a bit please? Link to your page would be good or at least a screenshot?

Page is running on localhost/WAMP.

I’m happy to show you a screenshot, but how do I get it to you?
I can’t paste it in this forum text editor.

Moesia has a double rule border around the body copy, and double-rule lines between header and body. I would like to remove them.


You can upload pic for example on tinypic but you dont have to. I just didn’t understand you. To remove all double lines just apply custom css code below:

section .widget-title:after {
    display: none;

.footer-widget-area .widget-title {
    border: 0;

Easiest way is to use simple custom css plugin.