Remove block quote styling from testimonial section on homepage, without effecting the post page

Hi @roman

I tried to apply the answers provided to you on

Here’s the CSS that applied to style my blockquote :

blockquote {
color: #2980B9 !important;
background: #EAEAEA !important;

However, this is affecting my testimonial section on the homepage also and I want the styling only on my blog post. See this image


That might solved using CSS code, but I need to inspect the HTML element on your site. Can you share your site URL here?

Hello @awan

I have changed the background colour of the row to match the blockquote background colour and removed the image. See this

However, I want a permanent solution for this. Here’s the link to my website: Apogeesoft



Here is the CSS code to remove the background color of the text:

.roll-testimonials blockquote {
    background: transparent !important;

Hi Awan,

It’s working perfectly fine. Thank you for sparing your valuable time.


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