Remove author link (reveals WP login name!)


HELP! This is a really bad bug within this great aTheme:

Just detected by chance: when hovering over the blogpost author name
(single post as well as archives)
there is NOT the author’s chosen NICKNAME displayed with that link (url)
but instead thr FULL LOGIN-(USER) NAME!

That’s how it looks:

That way hackers are literally invited:
they can get already HALFWAY inside my blog.

Give directions where (which file?) and how (code string?) I may hide/cloak/replace that all too open link (or eliminate it altogether, even if loosing the ability to access all the grouped posts of that author(s) ).

Anyone there to solve this ASAP?

Thanx a lot


Hi makamua,

That was no related with the theme, that’s depend on your wordpress setting on user tab.

To display a nickname instead of username of your post, all you need to change are “Display name publicly as” right under the Nickname column.


No, no, no! That’s not the issue (thanks anyway for the quick reply, Keymaster!).

I already do display my nickname “RedEaglePrepper” instead of my username with my post!

The PROBLEM, again, is:

When I visit my own blog and HOVER over the displayed nickname "RedEaglePrepper" and/or CLICK on it... THEN that bug appears, namely supposed-to-be HIDDEN username/ revealing PUBLICLY my username which under any circumstances for site securiry reasons should be kept PRIVATE, see?

My request for theme related help is:
Show/give me access to the theme file(s) where I can turn off the function
of any author name showing up at posts altogether. (“author off” is a theme function which I know from other themes, i.e. profit builder wp theme).

Awaiting your renewed reply



…Hi Awan (Keymaster),
did not see your NAME in my reply just sent, sorry,



Okay, Awan,
aReview is a great WP theme. But it does not allow hiding the blog’s AUTOR-URL (thus displaying my admin username).

If you don’t take care of hiding your admin username from hackers, you are offering 50% work done for hackers as than they only have to guess your password or break it via brute force attack etc…

Now, for anyone interested:
There is a free WP plugin “Hide Username Front Side” which comes in handy here. It’s now cloaking my admin (& author-) username. That way I made a crucial upgrade to aReview Theme.

Think about it. You may wish to share it.

All the best,
Volker Makamua

Why This Plugin ?

Hope that helps!


Hi, sorry for the delay.

I found this tutorial from the forum

I’ve try to implement it on my child theme by adding the code from those tutorial to the functions.php and it’s worked. It’s display the author link with user nickname instead of username