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Hi folks. I have searched online on how to remove the related products tag. All that I have managed to find on various sites is some php code that you add to your functions.php file. I made a copy of the file before I did any changes.That did not work for me and I could not access my site. I had to go into the cpanel and then upload the original file and everything was OK.

My first question is; is there any “non-code” way of hiding the related products.

The second question is that I have added a paypal for my international customers. The plugin that I used displays the paypal button only on the page where the product is selected. For example. If a customer selects a product, they can add it to the basket, or click on it for more information. When the more information page comes up, that is where the paypal button is. I would like to display the paypal button below or alongside the add to cart button.

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Dmitri (

Managed to solve the related products issue. I found this info on a site (admins, delete if this link is in any violation - I am sharing as I cannot take credit for this)

I still have not solved the paypal button issue as yet.

Dmitri (

Hello Dmitri,

  1. You might want to check this WooCommerce Documentation page regarding Related Products:

  2. Can you please contact support of the plugin that you use for PayPal button regarding this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks. You can mark this post as solved as I mananged to sort out the related products issue. Will contact support re paypal

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You are welcome Dmitri,

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.