Regarding the Size of the Title

Hai Charlie,
Thanks for a great theme and support. I would like a reply for some queries.

1.I could not change size of the title in my website(
(Title meaning - in the center of the page-- we manufacture stuff–). I have been trying.
I have tried changing fonts sizes like h1, h2, h3, site title etc. But nothing seems to work. Please help me out.

  1. One more. You could see at the end of page like 10px height, there is a overlap of following image. Can i stretch the home page or background image whole page so it does not overlap.

  2. What is height*width of homepage background image…?

It would be great help. I would love to build more business website using astrid.
Thanks in advance


  1. Use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.header-text {
     font-size: 50px;

  1. Not sure what you mean here.
  2. Do you mean on the demo page? Only background image there is applied on the clients section and it’s 1920x990px.


Thanks mate that was useful.