Refund Please

Hi Roman,

I love sydney Pro theme but I must request a refund because I continue to have multiple problems with this site and the suggested fixes don’t fix the problems. I’m losing customers and have spent a great deal of time working on fixing these issues without success. I just can’t afford to work on them any longer without success from the suggested support.

I have applied your suggestions to fix the issues but the continued issues are below:

  1. can’t see the mobile menu
  2. mobile text too small
  3. mobile looks perfect on the appearance; custom desktop site but not on the actual mobile devices
  4. can’t update my sydney pro theme each time I get update failed unauthorized

thank you for trying to help.
with gratitude,
Erica McKenzie

Hi Erica,

I’m sorry you’re not happy with Sydney Pro or the solutions we’ve tried to provide. I’ve refunded you. It will take 5-10 days to appear on your statement.

Charlie (founder)

I would just like to clarify that the reason you couldn’t update is because your license expired in December 2016. You bought the theme in December 2015.

Hi Vlad,

That is a great point. Thanks for sharing. I started having these issues in November, 2016. I’m happy to renew if you feel this will fix all of the previously listed issues.

with gratitude

The process of renewing won’t fix the issues (except point 4) since the issues aren’t in the theme itself, but I can help you fix them.

  1. You’re using the Crelly plugin and somehow it’s going above the mobile menu.
  2. Depends on the elements you’re referring to. I can also help with this.
  3. I only checked the front page on Android and that doesn’t seem to cause issues. We can however investigate and see what’s up.

If you want, you can let me know and I’ll send you a renewal notice.


I have purchased Sydney pro theme it has all the features but not as per my requirement I am not happy with that. As per athemes offers a full refund within 30days of purchase. I have sent you mail but not get any response from your side. I request you please check mail and would like to get refund.

Thank you