Refreshing animation Does not go away after you make a post?

Hello when you post a comment on my posts the page refreshing animation does not go away. Here is my site link.



Hi, can you provide demo account for let us check problem? registration is closed to your site so i cant post comments. Thanks

I see I just bought this theme so I get no support for it?

How do you want me to get you a dummy account just post it here with the password?

You are getting support for it right now sir(also in 5min after your question) , please send account details to orenaksakal(at) or activate one of the registration ways.

its not known bug or usual problem so its special for your website than i have to check your website and find what is causing this problem. That can be plugin conflict or changes to theme’s core codes can cause this problem.

edit i think there is misunderstanding
(Registration to your site is closed, so i cant post comment and try it)

Sorry Oren my bad thank you for the help.

@Wade Razella


I registered on your site and was able to post a comment without issues. It should be in moderation. Anyway, you’re using a plugin for the comments and that particular plugins throws some js errors.

Oren replied in exactly 4 minutes, why do you say no support?

Vlad I do apologize as I misunderstood Oren.

Thank you for the support both of you I was running a comment plug in with jetpack but I deactivated that. I will look at all my other plug ins one by one. I do not see any other comment plug in but I will look again.

As i see there is

406 Not acceptable
problem on your site ( jquery files cant work properly. Can you edit your .htaccess file and add this code to it? If there is smilar code please just delete it and add following

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Thank you I will give that a try.

Oren I added that code as instructed I will go over my plug ins one by one and figure out if there is a problem there. Thank you and Vlad for you outstanding help it is greatly appreciated.

Sorry the code did not fix the error…

You should probably talk to the plugin developers about those errors. As I see it WP Disquz has some issues with your SSL, I might be wrong though.

Putting that aside, what exactly is the issue here? Posting comments on your website seems to work without issues and the refresh gif disappears. Can you confirm that everything is sorted out so we can close this topic? Or feel free to let us know if there is anything else.

Vlad thank you for your help if the refresh gif disappears after you post your comment then the issue is here on my side thank you for the fantastic support. If you want you can close this topic. Unless you want some feedback from me. :slight_smile:



Vlad it was that WP Disquz plug in I deleted it and the error is gone. Thank you. Also Oren the code you gave me to add to my .htaccess file do I still keep that there?

if there is no problem now you can delete it. Happy to see you solve problem. Let us know if you will need more help in future thanks !

Awesome I will :slight_smile: Thank you again. If you wish you can close this topic now.