Referring from a homepage widget to a widgetised page in Astrid

Dear Roman or Vlad,
sorry this explanation is a bit confusing because i use your projects template for displaying my services and vice versa, hope you can mind boggle your way through it:

I found out (and i was happy to) that i can use widgets on çhildpages(?)’ the pages not on the home page. BUT i CANT refer from a widget on the homepage to this widgetised page, which is really annoying… ANd that is the problem:
From the widgets on the homepage i am bound by the service template for the service widget, projects template for the projects widget etc.

Question: Can i use a widgetised page as achild page of a homepage widget somehow?

for example: i used the projects-format widget to display 4 of my services (because i like the lack of text in the lay out). I want to have the website visitor click my “service 4”-box and then have them directed to a childpage which is however widgeted because in that format i can ‘repeat’ another homepage-widget that displays (in this case) some of my projects on the homepage, but then (also) on a çhild page’. SO: the same overview of projects will be on display on the homepage, AND on this child page (as a mirror) which i can get done by using a widgeted page, and it uses the widget displaying my projects i made for the homepage.
But unfortunately i cant let the 3rd abovementioned widget (displaying my 4 services in your 'projects-widget’format) to this childpage, because it has no projects-template…

Hope you can still understand…

Can you help me out? How do i refer a widget (in this case a projects widget, asking me the ID page number for a projcts template childpage) to a widgetised page, if possible at all? Just addign the new ID in the customiser projects widget did not help.

I cant show you my page it is behind a under cosntruction website front.

thanks in advance.

Hello Jiske,

It looks like this issue requires close inspection, this goes beyond our support policy. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

Kind Regards, Roman.