Reduce spacing between title and page text


I read many topics about reduce spacing, and put many codes in custom css, but I still have to much spacing in page between title and text. How to reduce blank space?
I do not use widget in that page.

Txn&Regards Dejan

Hello there,

Basically page builder row has default top bottom spaces. In your our team page, edit the first row, expand the Layout options under Row Styles and set 0 (zero) value for “Top/bottom padding”.


Hello Dejan,

In addition to Kharis’ answer, I also noticed that you have an empty paragraph in that Text widget.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Kharis,

If I use page builder, everything is clear.
I mention that I did not use page builder in that page. Ok I will copy to page builder and set padding.

Txn & Regards Dejan

Hello Roman,

can you help me how to remove empty paragraph in text?

Txn & Regards Dejan

Hello Dejan,

Just edit that Text widget, switch to Text tab, and you should be able to see the empty paragraph.

It can be something like “<p></p>”.

Kind Regards, Roman.