Reduce spacing between header and footer for the content body

hi all

at the moment im trialing sydney theme and i have afew issues with the amount of space between the content area above and below the footer and header.

i am using the siteorigin or row plugins that come with the theme, perhaps if someone could direct me on how to reduce the spacings between the rows or how do i reduce the spacings above and below the content please?

my site is running on a test webhosting server: Southern exposure photo group

im still editing the site so its all in beta stage.

oh also i accidentally deleted the 3rd widget area in the footer area and have no idea how to regain it.


Hi Tolga,

I noticed that you are using “Full width” template for your home page, please change it to “Front page” and let see if its resolved the issue.


Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Please enable the front page template instead of full width, so you don’t have to manually hide the page title. To reduce more space, please make sure that you haven’t set any number values on the below path:

  • Edit row > Row Styles > Layout > Top/bottom padding
  • Edit widget > Widget Styles > Layout > Padding

If it isn’t enough, please navigate to Appearance > Customize > General > Page wrapper - top padding. Adjust the given values to meet your need.


awesome info, thanks for the tips and both suggestions worked

now i have another question

i like the look and feel of this site:

they created the site via squarespace and i personally like it and i would like it incorporated afew of its features or mods into my existing sydney theme SEPG

im having issues with the header area where it dosnt stay solid white and when the page scrolls up, you can see the contents ghosting through the header area. when i preview it in mobile layout, the menu hamburger (being white) disappears due to the white background unless i change the header/menu colour to black which then exposes the logos jpeg shape (white rectangle) and looks butt ugly. i added a dummy blue strip to break or divide the header area from the content page but that scrolls up and defeats the purpose .

how can i add a random image spanned across and staic to each page like without the header meanu area changing as its white background and their colour scheme, the light blue…

great support btw, thanks

Hello @ibm450,

Thank you for posting you other query here, but I can’t to provide you an immediate reply here as it doesn’t seem to relate with initial topic you opened. Sorry. :frowning:

Please compose a new topic here instead, so we can specifically suggest the solution for it. Moreover, you’ll help us to document our support forum better. Thus other person who might have similar trouble could find it easily.


please accept my apologies. i have posted a new post as requested