Reduce/hide height of header menu

Hello Awan,

Can u please let me know how to reduce/hide the height/total of header menu block. I have done some coding and moved the menu items to the top which is near to site logo. Now there is some unnecessary space below the menu items which i want to delete/hide and move the below widget items to up. please guide how to proceed. Also i need this setting only in Desktop view and not on mobile view or tab view.
Also there is a difference in view in chrome and Internet explorer. Please help is overcoming this problem.



Please try this CSS code:

.bottom-header {
    height: 0 !important;
    background: transparent !important;
.bottom-header .header-nav {
    background: transparent;


Thanks a ton awan… :slight_smile:

Hello awan,

please let me know how to exclude the above setting for mobile and tab view. The above code worked perfectly for desktop view, but disturbed mobile view and tab view.


i solved it, thanks anyways…