Reduce header size and header padding

I’m trying out Sydney, using the free version, not the Pro yet.

When I go to customize/header and reduce the header size (from default 300), it does not reduce the header size.

Although I have read on this forum that there is place to reduce header padding in the customize header section, I don’t have that area on with my theme. Is that because I’m using the free version?

My site is



I think your issue is to remove the white space on your header, correct? if yes, you can add the following CSS code into: Customize > additional CSS:

.header-clone {
    height: auto;

Then go to Dashboard page to edit your front page, edit the first row then open:
Row styles > Layout > then set the Top/Bottom padding to 0

About the settings for adjusting the header size (default 300), its working for the header image only, not the header slider and it setting is for non-front page.