Recreating moesia demo design

Hi Vlad,

Sorry, this must be a fairly dumb question. I am trying to rebuild my website so that it looks like the moesia demo, with an option to reach all pages by either scrolling down the front page or by clicking the relevant main menu tabs. I am also trying to get images separate individual pages when scrolling down from the front page. How is it done? Initially I simply recreated my site structure on the front page by adding the relevant widgets, but I can’t get the image separators working and the pages to which the menu links are totally independent, so need to be updated separately. Is there any smarter way to do it?


Might be the late hour, but I understand nothing of what you’re saying :slight_smile: Mostly I don’t understand what you mean by image separators.

There is a demo xml file on the documentation page if you think that will help you.

Sorry, it was not the clearest explanation. Basically, trying to achieve the following:

  • put all the content on the front page and get rid of individual pages;
  • get the main menu linking to the relevant widgets on the front page (services, employees, etc);
  • add individual images to widgets on the front page. So far I could only get images as a background for the widgets. Instead, am trying to make them appear as individual header images for each widget.
    Hope it’s less confusing :).

I see.

  • well you can only put all your content on the front page through widgets;
  • you just need to add links in the menu and target the ID: etc.
  • you could create a row with your content, than above it you could create an empty row to act as a header. That row will have a background image and a padding manually applied by CSS.
    Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.

Thanks! I am not sure I know how to add links to the menu or find IDs for parts of the same page, so would be grateful for help.
When using a background image for a widget, how do I change opacity and colour of background and the colour of font? Widget styles don’t seem to work…

#Vlad - I’m still unclear how to add links in the menu and target the ID. Are you saying I need to create pages for these on the front page? Wont that duplicate what I have? I’m trying to link the top button on the welcome to something below.

Go to Appearance > Menus. You’ll see a Links tab on the left.

  • add links from it to your menu;
  • for the title add whatever you need;
  • for the URL add #pg-79-0 for your first row, #pg-79-1 for your second and so on. Obviously, if you change the order you’ll need to change the IDs.

thx Vlad!