Recommended slider


I finish my site and it seems (dead) slow. I know it can have many causes (and hope that I did not choose a slow Theme ) but i do not have the impression that I built and “elephant” home page.

I have deactivated all plugins and then activated one by one and noticed that my homepage ( increases from 900kb to 1,8 MB as soon as I activate the soliloquy slider (I ran tests on pingdom to check the speed and size).

At the same time, I see that my theme recommends to activate the crelly slider. So now I wonder, is sydney pro perhaps faster with the crelly slider instead of the soliloquy slider?

Also, should you notice any “quick check” issues with elements that cause my slow site, always much appreciated of course. Note that I have also activated WP Rocket, also it does not seem to make a lot of difference…


Hello there,

We don’t recommend any slider to use. Though Sydney Pro has built-in integration with Crelly Slider, it’s actually an optional. Because there are so many slider plugin out there and our users need varies. I don’t think that slider script is known as a single parameter that causes your site’s performance slower. There are other possible factors, which you can read on the WordPress codex.


Well, the Sydney theme says it recommends the crelly slider, hence my remark. But it seems that any slider increases the page load time, so no further issue here, thanks.