Recommended size featured image

What’s the recommended size for the '‘featured image’ ?

When on the homepage, the ‘featured image’ (of blogposts) is showing, but all in different sizes.

Is there a way to make the ‘featured images’ (on homepage) show up all in the same size? Maybe a piece of CSS code, or is there a recommended ‘featured image’ size for blogposts?

Hello there,

By default all featured images that appear on blog posts page will be resized down by 720px maximum width whenever it’s larger that 720px. For the height itself follows proportionally. To achieve identical sizes, all of you images before upload should have same size.

To change default size and set your own, you could use Simple Image Sizes plugin. Once activated, go to the plugin settings (which is located under Settings > Media). Then specify your settings on “airi-720 size” row. To enable square image with crop enabled, follow this example:


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