Recent Posts in Navbar


Hi there,

is it possible to create a dropdown in the navbar which shows the 5 most recent posts in a certain category?


Hello there,

You can only do this manually by creating custom menu with custom links to recent posts, and to change this every time you create new post, or set of posts.

Such an option does not exist, and will require some custom coding, so if you wish to achieve such functionality please hire some freelancer or contact Codeable because we are not in position to handle such requests.

Alternatively, you can maybe search for some plugin which can handle that.

Thanks for understanding.
And all the Best!


Thanks for your (fast) reply!

I prefer to use as less plugins to keep the pageloading time as low as possible. But since you told me that it takes a lot of coding, I searched for a suitable plugin to use.

I found out that this plugin is capable of doing what I was looking for:

Maybe it helps someone who has the same problem.

Thanks again!