Recent Posts help

Hello, Im in need of assistance. I recently downloaded a recent post plugin to display recent post with images ONLY on my post pages…I’ve realized that the them already integrated this feature but without images…

Is there a way to remove the original recent posts on my post and just leave the plugin recent posts? Currently it’s displaying two “recent posts”

Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

Hi vmonsalve90,

you can remove the original recent post from appearance > widget

just to verify, This is the one were talking about right?

the one that appear on the actual blog post…

I am sorry, You tell me the problem in above is about the recent post because it is the default widget from wordpress. And there is no related post widget from wordpress or from our theme.

the way you can add the related post is using custom code or using plugin.

Have you try do make a custom code to show the related post before? or maybe you can try to deactivate the plugin firstly to know what cause of this issue