Recaptcha Contact Form

hi there,

another small problem i get into today.
I tried to add a recaptcha to my contact form design, but i cant get it right next to the “submit” button so i would fit perfectly.
Can u help me here once again?

Hello Benjamin,

Can you please provide a link to your website?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thank you

Thank you for the link Benjamin,

Can you please describe how exactly you added it to contact form?

Kind Regards, Roman.

it added your code that for contact form 7 so i looks like the one in the demo.

after this i tried various “codes” to let the button look like the other buttons or at leats to “sit” next to the “submit” button, but nothin worked.
right now it is just:

<div class="astrid-contact-form">

<p class="astrid-cf-name">[text* your-name placeholder "Ihr Name"]</p>

<p class="astrid-cf-email">[email* your-email placeholder "Ihre Email-Adresse"]</p>

<p>[text your-subject placeholder "Betreff"]</p>

<p>[textarea your-message placeholder "Ihre Nachricht"]</p>

<p>[submit "Senden"]</p>

[recaptcha theme:dark]

Hello Benjamin,

Did you use some captcha plugin? If yes, which one?

Kind Regards, Roman.


No its just the “code” that contact form uses. No extra plugin. Just the contac form. In another old version pf the website, without your css code everything worked. Its not a big problem it is just maybe a small css class to use?

Hello Benjamin,

Please try to put [recaptcha theme:dark] right after [submit "Senden"] and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

that doenst change anything.

So i put the code on top of [subm… and under [textarea…]
and now it looks like this:

but now the submit button is out of the googlemaps backround

Hello Benjamin,

I have just checked your website and the form looks good now. Do you have more questions?

Kind Regards, Roman.