Recaptcha conflict between SiteOrigin contact widget and Contact Form 7 -

I am using the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget which is now active on my site’s Contact menu item. I am using the Talon Pro theme.

I set up the Talon Pro contact popup, but when I activated the Contract Form 7 Plugin my Recaptcha vanished from the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget.

My plan was to use both, the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget and the Talon Pro contact popup. I was going to put the popup on my main menu but use the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget to link to from other pages on my site.

It it possible to use Recaptcha in two differing places on your web site, or can the Recaptcha only be used once on a web site?

Here’s a link to my site

I know Recaptcha used to be a little picky when used more than once per page, still I was under the impression it’s no longer the case.

There could indeed be a conflict between those two plugins since they’re basically doing the same thing. I can only suggest you use just one, maybe CF7 so you can use it for the header as well.


Thank you for your response and suggestion to use just one of the contact page plugins. I will follow your suggestion.