Ready to take site live, BUT

Hi there,
So after many tweaks and much terrific support from you all, I’m finally ready to take my site live. I built the new site using a plugin called Theme Test Drive By Vladimir Prelovac - that way I could keep the current theme active while building the new using site Moesia Pro. SOOOO, I flipped the switch and deactivated the plugin, activated Moesia Pro, and I lost all my customizations. What can I do to get Moesia Pro Active with all my customizations and get this site launched?!? I’m panicking in a bit!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance for your help.

Also meant to add that I’m happy to give you login info again if you want it. :slight_smile: Just let me know. THANK YOU!


I’m not very familiar with that plugin but I did some digging and seems like this is the default behavior for it.
What happens if you activate Moesia Pro and also the plugin?

Hi there, I did some of that same digging, too, but was hoping you may have some suggestions to get around the issue. When I deactivate the plugin that was masking the new site and then activate Moesia Pro to make the new site live, I basically get a bare bones version of Moesia Pro (with the stock camera header image) and none of my customizations.

Do I have any hope of getting around this short of rebuilding the site? Happy to provide login info if you could take a closer look. I’m really hoping there’s some way to navigate past…


I ended up just redoing the customizations and I’ve now launched the site at Thanks so much for your help and support along the way.

Hi There,

Please help, I am facing the same issue while migration.