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Hi all,

I’m trying to set the “read more” button that appears on the Services’ section to open an external link, and not the page automatically created by the Service post.

When creating a new Service, I have the following option:

Service link
If you want you can link your service to a page of your choice by entering the URL in this field

So, it seems quite straightforward, but the truth is that it continues to forward every service (by the Read More button) to the blog page automatically created and not to the URL I specified in that option, in the edit service page.

I’ve already tried to erase all services and add them again, de-activate all plugins, everything that I can remember…

Can please somebody help me? :slight_smile:

Hi, download this file and overwrite original which is located in theme folder (quill) > widgets.

I tried it, and it should work afterwards.

Thank you dimikjones!

It works now!

It is reported, I presume it will be fixed in next update.

Hi there,

first of all thanks for all the help.
I’m extremely new at WP and I’m following all the documentation so I can create a decent website, but unfortunately I’m having few problems:

  1. I cannot change the read more link, I don’t want it to go to an external link but to a page already in the website. I followed your instructions but no success maybe is something I have done I literally cannot see Service Link.

  2. The website is multi-language and I would like to add the flag to change the language on the header but no success I really have no clue. The lang plugin I’m using is Polylang

the website is

Thank you so much for your help.

Have a good day



  1. you don’t have to follow these instructions since you already use latest version of the theme and read more link is working. Also Service Link is working on your page.

  2. We can not offer support for plugins, but I tried Polylang and it is displaying flags, you just have to provide content for both languages. Please check Polylang documentation.

In future please open your own topics, we are trying to keep everything organised :slight_smile: .

Best regards

Hi @dimikjones,

Thank you so much for the quick reply, and I’m really sorry I didn’t open a new topic, I’ll make sure the next time I’ll do it.

  1. I explained it wrongly. What I wanted is the read more to open the page contact not the page services. I don’t know if its possible? Otherwise no worries

  2. Thank you so much for the documentation I will have a look into it.

Best regards


Yes it is. When you edit for example your contact page, below the title there is a Permalink (url), copy and paste it where you want it - in your case Service link field for each service.

Please let us know if it is what you wanted?


Thank you so much everything perfect now. Sorry I didn’t see it before :slight_smile:

Hi All

I would really like each read more button to go to different links (all different pages on the site).

EG - with read more button to - with read more button to

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance