"Read More" on Home for Pages not Posts


Hello. Similar to dott-matteo-tortello’s “Read more link” query. I’m looking to add Read More functionality to the Home Page that I’m creating for my aunt: https://sandbox.victoriariskin.com/

She has a very nice blurb that we want to highlight, but it’s quite lengthy. I added the Advanced Excerpt plug-in to try to address, but either I’m not employing it correctly, or it’s not the correct solution for this. Perhaps there is some CSS code that could help? Adding the [Insert Read More tag (^\T)] aka seems to have no effect.

Thank you


Hello there,

In page builder you could insert a CTA widget (Sydney FP: Call to action). Enter button’s title and link. And leave empty all other settings.


Place it in your desired location.



Thank you for the prompt reply, Kharis. That’s a possible solution – but I think it would require linking to a cloned Home page with the longer content.

In my ideal scenario, just the first paragraph of the Home page blurb would appear unless and until the user clicks on a “read more” that would then reveal the other 300 or so words.

Is that feasible?

Thank you,



Hello Walt,

Thank you for adding for extra more details. To do that scenario, you would use this plugin.



That worked! Thanks Kharis.




You’re welcome Walt!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.