"read more" in post excerpts?

I absolutely love this theme, but one thing is irking me to no end: In the excerpts of my posts, you have that little […] thing. Problem is, you want to click it to read the rest, because you’re looking at that point on the screen. However, you need to click the title to see the rest. Is there any way that I can make a link to the full article automatically appear at the end of the excerpts of my posts, like a “read more” button/link? Is this something that is available in Pro?



Nope, it’s not available in the pro version either. Basically because there are already two links that lead to the post: the title and the date. See this function, try adding it in a plugin like Code Snippets.

Thanks for the prompt response; I’ll give that a try.

Worked like a charm! Thanks a million, Vlad!

Thanks Vlad! – this answered my question as well. Much appreciated.

Hi I’m still struggling with this on website.

I’m wanting to add ‘read more’ to my front page on the blog posts using the ‘latest news’ widget from Sydney. How do I make it say ‘read more’ at the end of my excerpts?

I hope you can help.


Here is a link to my website

I just started using Sydney and have the same problem as the first post here. I am new to wordpress so I don’t know how this was solved with code snippets plugin. I’d like it to work just like the ‘read more’ function on the code snippets site

Any help would be most appreciated.