Re: Social Media Icon on my Webpage (Attention: KHARIS)

Hi kharis,
I asked for help on the above subject and you responded. Your response was quite helpful. However, I noticed after following the steps you gave, the following issues came up:

  1. Though, social media icons were added to my page but the social names now appear on my header main menu, alongside SERVICE, ABOUT, BLOG etc. What can I do to make the socials appear only at the footer please?

  2. I noticed that after implementing the steps you gave, I added 3 socials namely; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s only Facebook and Twitter Icons that appear. Instagram did not appear. What can I do to make Instagram appear please?

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,


You could use the “Airi: Social Profile” widget and put into one of Footer widgets areas. For example:



Instagram icon should appear by default. What is the link to your Instagram profile? Please share to let me try on my test site.

aThemes Support