Random Page Change

I woke up this morning and this page has an image and a button that I Haven’t created. http://hope4nc.com/give

The water/bubbly background is an image used somewhere else on the site, but I never put it on this page. Also, the button that says Give, 4 ways to give, give. I never created.

I don’t even see it anywhere on the page from the back end. I have the page starting with the blue bar under it that says bless people bless people.

Any suggestions where this is coming from?


If you edit the page you’ll notice a Individual Header Image option below your page editor. That’s where it’s set from. Obviously, it doesn’t set by itself so maybe somebody else has access to the site and added the image and wrote the title.

Vlad, I checked that. The weird part is when I select the “Toggle individual header image for this page” box, that image and information comes up. When I uncheck the box and save the page, it still shows up on the actual page.

well I deleted everything out and it finally disappeared. Again, weird that I don’t know how it got there. No one else has access to the site. Thanks for the help!