Queue in 'Sydney FP: Latest News' and 'Sydney FP: Employees' widget

Dear Sir,

I have two question.
First, I just wondering if there is any setting to reorder the queue of the Sydney FP:Latest News widget. Usually the latest news post will appear in the left and will push the older news to the right. Can I make it the other direction so the latest news will appear on the right and push the older news to the left?

Second, I want to ask if there is a way to maintain the employee page using the Sydney FP:Employees widget so the highest rank will stay on the first page while the newer employee addition will fill the last page of the employee list?

Oh one more question. Why now there is no horizontal rule button in the text editor and I can’t use the syntax <hr /> anymore in my website.

Thanks in advance.

ps: my website is gsjabatutulis.esy.es


  1. No, sorry.
  2. You can change the published date for your employees so that you can arrange them in the order you want.
  3. If you’re referring to the post/page editor, that’s not controlled by the theme. In Wordpress 4.7 the HR button has been moved to the second row (not by us as I said) so it’s still there.

Ok thanks then :slight_smile: It’s worked for second question :slight_smile: