Questions/dubts about the ACTIVE theme on Shopify

Hi guys,

your theme is great but we have some requests to submit.
We noticed that in the Active Theme there are some objects that are misaligned and the color customization it’s poor, here are some examples:

Problems to solve:

  1. Newsletter and text aligned (desktop and mobile view)
  2. Tab’s text moved to the left side from mobile view
  3. Browse collection aligned with “VISUALIZZA TUTTO”/view all from mobile view
  4. Custom color for all buttons/sections of the site
  5. The last tab must be aligned to the logo
  6. The space from the headline to the slideshow must be customizable in order to make smaller the empty field.

It’s mandatory that all of the site’s components must be symmetric and aligned both from desktop both mobile view. It’s is also a requirement that all buttons and sections must be customizable.

Can you help us to solve these issues as soon as possible?
We wait for your response about the above-raised points.
In the case in which all of these points couldn’t be corrected, we would be very sorry but forced to ask you for a refund.

Thank you in advance

Very helpful information. I have a website but I can’t change the theme. After reading your post, I change my website theme easily. Thank you for sharing.