Hi there again.Sydney one <3
I create “Employees” section but it looks preety ugly cause of img size and …

But after that i add “Testimonial” one and it stats look like

Now the question…is there any opportunity to mix them i want string that would show

image from “Testimonials” and below it normal text from “Employees”


Why not simply crop your employee images before you upload and make them all the same size?

Yeah its a solution but still,i want cute circles :slight_smile:

Then crop your employees images anyway and make sure they’re square, then add this to your custom CSS:

.team-item img {
   border-radius: 50%;

i tried it but still

No, I meant add it in a custom CSS plugin. It won’t help if you add it in the page builder.

this one? >///<

fuh sry for stupid quetion XD ive done it

Great. Feel free to rate the theme if you enjoy it :wink: