Question regarding image view on tablet version of page

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I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

Please may I ask for your assistance? I have created an image gallery on this page here as an example: and laptop and mobile version look great, but the tablet version has stretched the images and they look awful and I have no idea how to fix this :frowning: if I try and adjust anything it looks worse. I would just like to mention this is not a portfolio widget just image blocks.

Any help that you could provide me with I would be so grateful :pray:t2:

Our link is:, the site is currently on password mode and the password is: WENDYVPHOTOGRAPHYNEW

Many thanks as always :slight_smile:


Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

As checked, seems likely you’re using Elementor image widget. I’d recommend checking the image size option enabled on each image and ensure the selected size is responsive on smaller screen.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

Many thanks for your advice really appreciate it :slight_smile: So sorry to sound silly, but the mobile and laptop image now look great, but iPad still is stretched and awful :frowning: is there any link or any other topic that may be able to help me without needing to redo all the images?

Many thanks again