Question Mark Box on my header will not go away

Hi, I have written a couple of times and still haven’t gotten a resolution with this…

I have an outlined box (looks like a text box) that drops down over my header on my home page, with a question mark. It really distracts the viewer from my main image. My site is Can you please take a look and tell me how to resolve this? I don’t have any header text selected, yet it’s still showing up.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hello Kari,

From the web inspector tool, it’s showing that there is am active welcome logo image, but its file doesn’t load, maybe it was removed. Web browsers read it as an outlined box as you mentioned. To completely prevent it to appear, edit your page. Scroll down until you get the “Individual header image” option. And then remove any image URL address that is in the “Header logo” field. Lastly, update your page.