Question about plugin and articles on main page of our website

is there a plugin or any other way to make the articles work on the main site in similar way like masonry portfolio does?
I mean: a photo and a title in 4 positions row?
I’m sorry to ask, but we’re new in this and we’d rly appritiate your help. Can You pls help guide us thru it?
We want to improve our website in this direction (like masonry portfolio) - we want to have the articles and blogs for our journalists. Is it possible?

Take care and thank you very much :slight_smile:


I don’t know if there is a plugin for this, but the theme already provides a masonry layout for your blog page. See Customize > Blog options and select Masonry from there.

Thank You for Your answer - it really helped. I still have one more question. Is it possible to use masonry portfolio style as a blog posts, vel articles? I just want a photo and title on the main page. Thanks again

No, sorry. The styles are different because they have different purposes.