Purchased lifetime pack with no account

I purchased the lifetime pack from athemes about 20 hours ago and still didn’t recieve an e-mail with the downloads (I did not purchase it with an account). my email: [hidden]


I hid your email address above to help you avoid spam (aThemes staff still can see it).

Regarding your purchase issue, did you check the spam folder of your email inbox?

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support

I can’t find you in the system under that email address. Is it possible you used a different one?


I purchased using my PayPal Email (hidden). The problem that I do not have access to the Emails of that email and I would like you to send the attachments to this Email (hidden) I can send you the transaction details from my PayPal.


OK I changed your email and re-sent the receipt to the new email. Let me know how it goes.