Propper text formatting with Shortcode Ultimate?


I can’t seem to figure out how that shortcode ultimate works together with this theme, and where I am supposed to build it?

Does it conflict with the page builder? Cuz that seems to be the issue for me.
Like if create a row in the page builder and then insert the visual editor in it. Where I then in the visul editor try to set up rows and columns from the shortcodes, everything starts to look wierd.

Is there any other way, I can format text properly and make long text peices look nice with this theme? Any plugin or stuff you could reccomend?


Doesn’t look to me like it’s conflicting with anything. You can try using their Shortcodes Ultimate widget to insert your shortcodes, just so you can make sure you have everything right.
If you look at the cheatsheet, this is how you make three columns:

[su_row class=""]
[su_column size="1/3"]Content[/su_column]
[su_column size="1/3"]Content[/su_column]
[su_column size="1/3"]Content[/su_column]

Okay that was wierd… Now it suddently works…

Anyways, have a question through, why does it spawn that white space area before the rev slider on that page?

It there any way to remove that?

I usually use the front page layout on every page, becuase I dont like the boxed layout of the other pages with that ugly page name on top. But I can unly have the rev slider on the actual front page. But if I try to do the workaround, by adding row -> widget -> rev slider… It gives me that white space…

That’s the space from the row. You can easily remove it for the slider by adding this:

.widget_rev-slider-widget {
     padding-top: 0 !important;
     padding-bottom: 0 !important;