Projects widget


Before I switched to Rocked Pro, I had Moesia.

With Moesia I could set the project widgets differently on front page and on projects page. Thus I could show only a few projects on the front page to reduce load time. But this doesn’t seem to work with Rocked Pro.

I had the same with testimonials. But each time I edit the widget (insert which slugs to show) it automatically changes this the two places I’ve got the widget inserted. Is it not possible to use the widget two placed with separate assuptions?

Also how do I only show the blog categories on the blog page:

Now it shows my slugs for testimonals front.



So I answered the first part in your other topic.

Don’t really understand your question about the blog or where are the testimonials slugs?

On my blog (the link I’ve sent) I would like if the “Categories” in the right sidebar only showed categories related to the blog. Notice that it now also shows “Uncategorized” which relates to my projects not the blog - and “testimonal-front” which is a catagory I’ve made to have different testimonals on the front page, than on my “clients” page.

Best Maria!

I see now. You’ll need to add this code in a custom CSS plugin:

.widget_categories .cat-item-26,
.widget_categories .cat-item-1 {
   display: none;