Projects widget pull posts?

Can projects be setup to pull post like the latest news widget. for example, for the latest news section on the homepage i created posts under posts and assign them a category and assign the category in the widget.

I am a little confused how to do this in projects because unlike latest news you have the option in projects to create posts in projects widget i think?

please explain.

Hello Tony,

Thank you for asking. Unfortunately it isn’t supported yet by Sydney Pro theme’s code. Sorry :frowning:

To create post grid with category filter navigation at the top, alternatively you could use this plugin.


under the widget Sydney FP Portfolio in the field called: “Enter the slugs (comma separated) for your categories or leave empty to show all projects.” , I put in a category name. now if i create a posts under posts with that category it does not show up on the homepage. please explain.

Hello there,

For portfolio widget, the categories must be associated with Projects entries.


I don’t understand what you mean. can you be more specific and give steps please

Can’t. Sorry. As the code in the projects widget queries projects post type entries. And it applies for the categories as well. The selected category slugs only display of which assigned for projects. To understand this better, try creating two categories (for testing purpose). Name category one as “Post Cat” and the second one “Project Cat”. You can create them from Dashboard > Posts > Categories > Add New Category.

Then create some posts (Dashboard > Posts > Add New); in Categories box, check “Post Cat”.

Then create some project (Dashboard > Projects > Add New Project); then in the Categories box, check “Project Cat”.

Compose a new page from Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Insert a Projects widget, then try to put the category slug of “Post Cat”. Normally it will read post-cat. Publish page and visit the page. See the result.

Second, edit page, then change its slug to “Project Cat”, that normally read project-cat. Update and see the result.

At this phase, I hope I’ve explained myself well.