Projects Widget not working


I am going desperate here… I didn’t find this topic anywhere either. I have set up Projects in Custom Pages, each one has featured image and a category and title and that’s it. I have 3 projects so far.

When I go to Pages–>Projects (as part of my menu), I insert a row and then a widget “Sydney FP Portfolio”. I put title, “-1” to show all the projects, and categories into Slugs area for the filter to use.

But still only thing what I get on my Projects page is just like plain HTML showing of my featured images one beneath the other in full size, it is not in a grid at all. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work? Anybody please have any idea?

I have Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox plugin installed.

thank you so much

Hello Harul,

Can you please provide a link to that page in order to let me check it?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,

thank you so much for the reply:) Actually I miraculously fixed it, I think I confused the widget or something by naming the page Projects as well… anyway I dont know how exactly but it is working now.

BUT - i would like to make the projects thumbnails bigger and centered and I already found some code here in forum but it didnt work… link is

I tried to make the div.isotope-containet bigger, or 100% height/width but it doesn not seem to react I think I didnt figure out how to point to the right element.

thank you for any help! :))

Hello Harul,

It looks like this issue requires some coding and testing, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

Kind Regards, Roman.