Projects/portfolio links not working

Us again! :slight_smile:
We have successfully loaded the widget for the projects/portfolio to appear on the main page. Then created individual projects in the Projects section to appear there.
The thing is they do appear in the main page but when you click on top of them even though you are supposedly redirected to the individual project, nothing happens and the page keeps on loading…
Is there something we are doing wrong?
Webpage is:
Thanks in advance!


Do you have any other portfolio plugin installed? Might be a conflict there.


No, we didn’t install any other portfolio plugins.

Now that I check NONE of the links work :frowning: I am talking also about the menu at the top as well.

The link opens up but then you just get the bouncing red ball and nothing happens…

Is something we may have done by mistake?


Pilar and Jorge


I don’t know how but we have managed to fix it! I have desinstalled some of the new plugins we had added and set the time/date as it was (we had also changed that).
We still don’t know which of this did the trick so if you have any idea, hanks for telling us!
In any case, it’s all working fine now :slight_smile: