Projects - Link icon

Hi, I’m really starting to get my head around this and i’m enjoying using your theme, thank you!

I’ve set up a projects gallery but I don’t want to use the link icon, I just want the magnafine glass icon.

As far as I can tell it is the and the l.fa.fa-link that I want to remove.

Is there a way I can tell my child theme to ignore this?



This post should be helpful

So apply custom css code below in order to remove link icon: {
  display: none;

You can use simple custom css plugin to apply the code.

Please note that when you are asking question it is much easier for support to assist you when you post your page link.

Best Regards

Amazing, thank you!

Sorry for not sharing a link. I have a coming soon page active so it wouldn’t have worked and i’m not sure how to send a private msg with the log in details.

Thanks for your help