Projects lightbox displays only featured images


How can I get the project lightboxes to display a set of images? I have 3 projects and each launches the same set of 3 images i.e. the featured image for each product. I can’t work out how to add a different set of images for each project. I thought it might be possible to add a project category to an image but I can’t see how that’s done. Next I added the images to the project both as individual images and as a gallery but neither of these worked either. Can you help please? I have tried for hours to get this to work but otherwise my experience of this theme has been excellent.

My site is: the project on the left of the 3 under ‘Take a closer look’ should have 3 images as you can see if you click through to the project page.


Hello Brendan,

Such that objective isn’t supported by the theme’s code, I am afraid. I cant provide the working solution, as achieving it is considered as not an easy task – it requires a lot of code additions. Since it reached our support policy, I can only suggest you to hire a freelancer on or

Thank you for your understanding.


That’s a pity. Thanks for replying. Sure I can find a way to do it with a lightbox plug-in.