Projects images sizes or image sizes guide for sydney?

Hi There!
I was testing Sydney theme, it looks really nice, and full of ways to customize it…

BUT… one thing I have seen is that my projects tests generated images of several sizes on the homepage… so, instead of making a regular grid it is starting to pile up when the height is not the same as others, etc… it changes the height

Do we NEED to use the same featured image sizes for ALL the projects? it can not be croped automagically?
Or maybe, do we need to use a minimum width/height on projects images? (in this test were images of 470x360px, and sometimes 460x360…)
Or both? ehehe

Oh, btw, there is no document like this for sydney theme?

Best regards!

Hello there,

Sydney’s project images use 480px width and auto height (without cropping). In order to get equal size, you have to prepare your images with equal size. However, if you want to apply image cropping, you can use the Simple Image Sizes plugin. Once it is activated, navigate to Settings > Media, and then search for “sydney-mas-thumb size” then do your preferred setting.


Thanks for the great theme. And thanks for the helpful support discussions. One area I’m struggling with is the Project Image dimensions. I can’t seem to get them to look really neat. Here’s my url, in case it helps to look:

I tried to use the Simple Image Sizes plugin to adjust the max height of sydney-mas-thumb size to 300. But the Featured Images in my Projects row never quite line up perfectly along the bottom row. Some are a little higher than others.

  1. Is there a fix you can recommend if I’d prefer to have the exact same height for all of my Feature Images in the Projects area? I want to keep the aspect ratios the same so they don’t look distorted.

  2. Once I standardize all image heights to 300, is there a way to also make the widths all exactly 400 or 300, without distorting the aspect ratios?

  3. Can I use something other than “masonry” layout in the Sydney:FP Portfolio widget? Or is that the only layout design option?

Thanks again for such great work that you do!