Projects: i can't find the lightbox gallery


I’m a newbie and i lke moesia theme very much, it looks great. Please show me how to import pictures to the lightbox galery. I can’t find it. My website only shows the fuatured image.


Have a look at the documentation please. Also post a link to your website if we require help so we can see what you got so far.

Hi Vlad,

I’ve read the documentation. It only said:" Projects – This is another block that requires you to publish some custom post types. Go to the Projects tab and add a project title, a description and a featured image to show up on the front page. The front page will also display the projects images in a lightbox gallery.". But i can’t find the lightbox gallery.

You won’t find a gallery because it’s not standalone - it’s part of the Moesia FP: Projects widget. You need to import the settings .xml file, publish some projects and make sure they have featured images, then place the projects widget on your front page with the help of the Page Builder and that’s it.

Hi Vlad,

I’ve imported the .xml file, the picture of project is shown on my website, but it only show the featured image when i click on the button. It runs correctly like demo, but i want to add some pictures and i don’t know how to add. Pls help me

I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Could you please post a link to your website?

Hi, I understood because I’m supposed to have the same problem. Please see at and go to, when you click at one image, you are redirected to another page with one image. There is no a lightbox that makes go to another image, or close it, as