Projects gone after switch from Toolset Types to Athemes Toolbox

I’m using the Rocked Theme for a while now, but have run into trouble regarding compatibility after Toolset Types is only available in a subscription model.

I’ve found the Athemes Toolbox plugin and understood it in that way, that it would do the same as the Toolset Types plugin. However, after installing the new plugin and deactivating the old Toolset Types, projects are gone … at least the detail pages and the option to edit those entries in the admin backend.

I wanted to try uploading the Rocked demo xml to fix that… however, it is not available for download anymore ( <- Clicking the button but nothing happens).

Do I even need to upload the demo content to fix that issue or is there another workaround?

Thank you very much in advance!


I think you should still be able to use the Toolset Types (v.2.3.5), which the download link is active at here and you should install it manually from your site’s plugins administration panel.

In regards to the Rocked demo download link, I will pass this to our respective team to check and I’ll be updating you as soon as possible.

aThemes Support