Projects featured image as header

I wanna use this option "Display the project featured image as header image?"
and my question: What size should the pictures of the projects have? And above all, what format? 16:10 is not good, 4:3 is also cut off the top and bottom … What is ideal format, size and resolution, so it’s not as pixelated image header and is not cut up and down?

THANX :slight_smile:

have nobody an idea?

Where do you see this option? I can’t find it.

@Ina: Sorry, looks like this topic was missed. There isn’t an ideal size or format and it’s always going to be cut off because your image won’t fit perfectly with all types of screen sizes. That’s how it goes with cover images.

@lucyneu: See Customize > Sydney Pro Options > Single projects please.

@Vlad: Thank you. However, since I’m building it with a child theme, I don’t see that option. Should I? Did I do something wrong?

@Vlad: Nevermind. I had to activate Sydney Pro and then reactivate my child theme and then those options showed up in my Customizer. Thank you!

Yes okay … but the contribution image is in portrait orientation, the cover image is shown but in landscape mode.
I’d like itself to move the displayed area so that it fits and looks good. How do I do that?

You could make the header image bigger in height just for the projects posts by adding this to your child theme:

.single-projects .header-image {
      height: 600px;

Personally, I’m not sure this will look good.

mhm… look here:

600px these are certainly not … if I change the value, the view does not change.
you have another idea?

At the moment I don’t see the code on your website but try adding it like this:

.single-projects .header-image {
      height: 600px !important;

now it works … look here:

but it still looks not good … I would the area that it displays the top of the header, like filter itself …

Change the code to this:

.single-projects .header-image {
      height: 600px !important;
      background-position: top center;

it works… but it’s not perfect… looks no good :frowning:

That’s because it’s a portrait image. I really don’t understand why you want to put it in the header.

because the contribution image usually appears just centered and too large over the text, which also do not like …

Would rather have this photo within the text, or even as a header image.

Do you have a code, how can I hide the Post Image on the project site?

Then I could insert the image in addition to the text, and it would then not be shown twice.

.single-projects .wp-post-image {
display: none;

That’s It !! :slight_smile: