Projects carousel


i’m building a site with Rocked. i have a bunch of projects set up.
i’ve loaded the demo into a spare page and that has a working carousel for projects (Our Work)
when i add a widget (Rocked FP: Projects) it creates an archive of the projects rather than a carousel.
how do i edit the projects widget so that it becomes a carousel?

Hello John,

I don’t see the Projects widget on your front page.

Can you please add it to illustrate the issue and let me know?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

if you look at
you see the projects displayed as a carousel

if you look at
they are displayed as an archive



… in fact, i’m missing something fundamental here. how do i edit any content of a widget?

for example, i add a text widget, i can change the text, but can’t find out where to format the text. do i need to do it in CSS?

there are options for things like background and font colour in the Design tab, but where do i change font size? alignment? or more complex attributes like the colour of the overlay that slides up over employees images on mouseover?

Okay John,

Thank you for the explanation.

The page named Projects (to be more exact, any page with slug /projects/) by default is intended to show projects in archive form.

If you want to have a page that shows projects in carousel form, then you have to create a new page with another name, or change the slug (permalink) of your existing Projects page.

I hope that it will help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

P. S.
Yes, if you want advanced formatting, then you have to do some coding.

thankyou Roman. i think i’ll go back to using West. i like its simplicity, and the live editor makes formatting easier.